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Different Things


In February 2012 I generated a lot of standard java stuff in a project: model, hibernate, sax, sql, junit tests.... by java. I used two sheets, creating a class containing a hash of hash and then I did a lot of java programming creating the target files.

I wished to have something smart like the templating solutions I've used more than 10 years ago. But those templating things based on hashes of hashes in perl. With creating a class similar to Hashes of Hashes, everything else follows at ease.

Finished a first Java example model with oracle sql generation and some examples to convert data from sheets to db.

Finished the templating mechanism with the introduction of process, map and replace tag. The loading of the template is enough to start the process. Nothing has to be defined in Java anymore.

A documentation page describe those comment tags.

Restart work for this web site after 9 months.

Implementing two web sites for my wife: www.schönnatürlich.de and www.magnetisches.com. These sites are online since December 2012.

Implementing direct xlsx-Mapper.


Start creating the web site j-tree.org

Start Implementing JTreeMap and actions4JAVA on a general purpose.

java duke with deers
created by Action4Java and JtreeMap (24.3.2013 22:57)
complexity is easy, simplicity not.