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About me

In an another life I've studied physics and math at the university. After that I worked as a journalist for different papers mainly on IT topics. me

Bored of just writing about products of other people and focusing more and more on the emerging web/internet I was happy to start programming the web sites of a publishing house in 1995. There we developed a lot of things to automate the publishing processes with perl.

1997-1998 I'm working on extensive multimedia projects. There I reallized the hell of "dynamic web" with the incompatibilites of the browsers. For this purpose I've started to create the documentation web site h.i.z. as my playing ground .

More than eleven years ago I've burried this project since it was too big to be realized beside my regular jobs and the family. Furthermore I used/developed a node based datastructure which I hope to reimplement one day again

Since 1999 I've worked on different Java-projects, since 2001 mainly for the Unicredit Bank and BMW in Munich. There I worked on almost every topic beside the front end part. There I used a lot of templating and tables to stucture and automate different things mainly for generating xml.

I love my family, to be in the mountains, ZEN, to run and hear independent music.

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complexity is easy, simplicity not.