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Different Things


The next weeks I will concentrate on fine-tuning the existing examples and the web site.

You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.


Template Redesign

The insert parser hardly changed since the start march last year and the process parser grew wild meanwhile from a class with a very different aspect. This should be proper implemented with the same behaviour.

XML Mapper

The xml mapper is just experimental with a SAX-Parser. The mapping is not trivial, since I've used a String key to access the elements. In xml only the order of tags/content is important and attributes must be stored separately.


A lot could be done, but it need some time. Any help would be appreciated. Some possible topics are.


The first db examples use a standard way to access the db with password and login. With the integration of spring one could reduce the map attributes to one springDbConnection.

Hibernate/Spring Example

I've tried to generate the existing model templates similar to hibernate models, so the DAO model could easily be adapted to hibernate. Here I want to offer some criteria methods.

Fat Client

This will show and change the database examples with a Swing gui.


A web gui with jsp


A web gui with a javascript framework and xml


Castor integration to read/create xml to create/stor the model data.

Result Container

A result container collect and stores the result over several tables. Will use hibernate criterias.

Test Classes

Create some standard test classes from the data.


There are two things which could be projects for a solution out of the box. Their basic structure is rather simple. Nevertheless there is a lot of work missing for a good GUI. And this is far beyond the scope of my own time line. But if there is interest/help I think these two would be nice projects.

Project Builder

This will use something like the used Model and ModelFields table with a gui and an integrated database.


There are a lot of CMS in the world and I've worked with some several years ago. I personally wasn't satisfied with their static structure. But I'm not deep in this topic any more. With the two tables pages and element and some tables for other purposes one could build a nice construction kit for individual CMS.

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complexity is easy, simplicity not.